Melissa + Jake

Melissa was nominated for the holiday giveaway by her friend/co-worker Lisa. They were so sweet and I was honored to have been able to photograph them. Here is Lisa’s nomination:


I’m nominating a beautiful friend named Melissa

Melissa had her dream come true 6 years ago when her son jake was born.  When she gave birth she was diagnosed with appendix cancer.  It was Stage: 4 and The Drs only gave her months to live. She traveled to NY and after several long months of treatment she was in remission. She missed the first precious months of her sons life.  She continues to travel yearly for testing but Drs. consider her a miracle.

This would be a dream come true for Melissa and Jake to have a photo shoot together.  Her wish is to give Jake wonderful memories if she ever became sick again.  Please consider my dear friend and her wonderful son.

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