Laura + Patricia


Laura writes:

A mother daughter relationship goes through many highs and lows, and the relationship between my mom and I has been no different.

The most challenging time for us was during my teen years. Being the only girl, I often felt overprotected compared to my brothers. At the time it seemed my mom was personally trying to ruin my life. She set strict boundaries and stuck to them despite my resistance. Frequently pushing my luck, there were plenty of arguments and tears. I remember thinking that I never wanted to be like my mother.

As I have grown, I have come to understand that everything she did was out of love. Our relationship has become incredibly strong, now that I see her for the brave and caring person that she is. We never go a day without talking and I know that I can tell her anything. I can only now hope to someday be half the mother she was and continues to be. I know she will be there to guide me as I move forward in my adult life and I will be there for her as she has always been for me.


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