Britta + Rosie


Britta writes:

“I don’t believe in accidents. I believe everything happens for a reason. Rosie was no exception. It didn’t matter if I was 18 and had nothing or 30 and had it all together…when I saw that little black dot on the screen, I loved her, with all my heart. For the first time I knew what love actually was. When I first saw her and held her, I knew her, and she knew me. Every mother understands that indescribable feeling. I needed her just as much as she needed me. She completely changed me and changed my world. She was my miracle. My saving grace. And now she is my best friend. She is the most beautiful person that I have or ever will meet, she has the sweetest kindest soul, and her laugh is the best sound in the world. God blessed me beyond compare when he entrusted this perfect girl to me, and I thank him every day for sending her to me.”

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